About the Product

FlyAsh Ultra is a highly reactive, classified ultra-fine class F fly ash pozzolans which improves workability, strength & further reduces permeability to a greater extent of a properly designed & compacted concrete mix. The tests have proven that FlyAsh Ultra can produce highly durable & incomparable strength concrete that can only be achieved with the incorporation of high content Microsilica or Rice Husk Ash class super pozzolans.

Concrete basically is a descending particle size composition of aggregates, sand, cement, pozzolans & other additives. In a particular concrete design the size of its components could range from several centimeters to micrometers. The least particle size used in concrete is of cement. With a mean particle size of 45 microns, ideal cement may contain particles up to the size of 20-15 microns. When concrete is mixed these components automatically pack themselves in a compact matrix by fitting lesser sized particles between the void spaces of larger sized particles in a descending order. The spaces between lowest sized particle are filled by water or air which after curing of concretes leaves the tiny passages through concrete making it permeable. For packing these voids, a very fine pozzolanic filler is required which can densely pack these void spaces.

It makes sense to use pozzolanic filler of size theoretically below 15 microns to effectively pack the void spaces between cement particles. For an ideal concrete design a pozzolans with particle size distribution of 15 microns to submicron range would be highly appropriate.

FlyAsh Ultra has been proclaimed as one of the finest class F fly ashes of the world. With a mean particle diameter of just 3-5 microns & almost 92% particles lesser than 14 micron in diameter, its particle size distribution ranges from 15 microns to sub-micron range making it an ideal descending particle size filler for filling the void spaces between aggregates & cementitious materials matrix quite efficiently by making it densely compact & highly impermeable. This densely packed concrete matrix further leads to reduced water demand.

Concretes exposed to highly hostile environments like marine constructions (sea piers, docs, jetties & bridges) & aggressive soils, sewage, corrosive chemicals (drains, chemical plants, highways, airport runways) & acid rains are highly vulnerable to chloride ion ingress & sulfate attacks. FlyAsh Ultra contains quite high percentage of Alumina which suppresses chloride ions in concrete. Further with FlyAsh Ultra unique fine particle distribution & high reactivity, it is possible to design highly impermeable concrete exceedingly suitable for these aggressive environments.

Applications of FlyAsh Ultra

Typical application rates of FlyAsh Ultra in concrete could be 5-30% by weight of cementitious content of the mix depending upon the concrete design & application. FlyAsh Ultra in high doses of 30 % are recommended in concrete designs where very low permeability along with flexural strength is critical as in highways & air port runways. FlyAsh Ultra could also be added with normal fly ash, Microsilica or other pozzolanic materials as per specific requirements.

  • For building construction as strengthening chemical
  • For making bricks
  • For structural fills
  • for Production of Portland cement
  • Production of light construction materials
  • Asphalt pavement
  • Highway construction
  • Production of ready to use wet plaster
  • Dam construction
  • Aerated concrete production
  • Environmental engineering
  • Precast production, etc…
Benefits of FlyAsh Ultra

  • With the use of Green Ash, the needed water quantity of the concrete is lessened.
  • The strength to stand firm even the concrete happens to be in the intimidating environments.
  • This also includes the diverse soil and vulnerable conditions of weather.

Typical Specification Of FlyAsh Ultra

Chemical Analysis
Test/Parameter Method As per ASTM C618 Result Unit
Moisture ASTM C 311 : 07 Max 3.0% 0.07 % (w/w)
Silica (as SiO2) ASTM C : 114 - 2013 Total of SiO2, Al2O3 & Fe2O3) Min 70% 58.06 % (w/w)
Alumina (as Al2O3) ASTM C : 114 22.30 % (w/w)
Iron (as Fe2O3) ASTM C : 114 7.19 % (w/w)
Sulphur Trioxide (as SO3) ASTM C : 114 - 2013 Max 5.00% 0.23 % (w/w)
Loss on ignition ASTM C : 311 Max 6.00% 1.25 % (w/w)
Calcium (as CaO) ASTM D : 6349 - 09   5.50 % (w/w)
Magnesium (as MgO) ASTM D : 6349 - 09   1.86 % (w/w)
Soduim (as Na2O) ASTM D : 6349 - 09   0.74 % (w/w)
Titanium (as TiO2) ASTM D : 6349 - 09   1.47 % (w/w)
Potassium (as K2O) ASTM D : 6349 - 09   1.07 % (w/w)
Phosphorous (as P2O5) ASTM D : 6349 - 09   0.38 % (w/w)
Chlorine (as Cl) ASTM D : 4208 : 02   0.081 % (w/w)

Physical Analysis
Retained on 45 micron By Sieve analysis 13.03 %(w/w)
Density API 13A/ISO 13500 : 2009 1.14 g/cc

Shipping and Delivery

Green Ash Ultra Fly is shipped and delivered with the fluent infrastructure and transportation services of the Jayshree Vyapar Group.

  • The product is shipped in Containers, stored and batched with the gen-now technology of the company.
  • FlyAsh Ultra comes in 1.40T & 1.50T Jumbo Bags.
  • Delivery time is based on order quantity and the immediate transportation availability.

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